Health and Wellness is Ours!


I was sitting at my desk one day, last spring, thinking of my grandma.  I thought about how she loved life.  She loved to fellowship with her circle of friends, gossip, share laughs and love each other.  If a friend called her in need, she would lend a hand and her heart.  Her spirit has always resonated with me and it empowers me to want to do positive things for others.  As I thought of her, I thought about how many women are not getting what they need, in the health setting, in order to thrive.  I thought about all of the women who have a disconnect with their doctors and practitioners.  I thought about how many opportunities are missed because, more than often, we lack the empowerment to lift up one another.  I called my friend, Jessica Brown and told her of an idea to have a Black women’s health and wellness conference.  We started meeting regularly to plan, Scarlet Kruse joined the committee and the Sacramento Black Women’s Health and Wellness Conference was born.

I am so excited that this dream is finally becoming a reality.  The Encouraging Life Organization and The Juliette Health Organization are coming together as partners to host the 1st Annual Sacramento Black Women’s Health and Wellness Conference that will be held on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at UC Davis Education Building.  This year’s motto is “A Healthier You! A Healthier Me.! A Healthier We!”  We are focusing on reducing health disparities that affect Black women by raising awareness about mental and physical health.  This year’s conference will educate attendees about the importance of being healthy.  We are incredibly honored to have Alondra Thompson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker as our keynote speaker.  She will be discussing mental health and how it impacts our overall health as Black women.  Along with a passionate keynote address, we will provide the attendees with breakfast, lunch, impactful workshops and a yoga demonstration.

We are still looking for sponsorships and health vendors.  If you would love to partner with us, please visit our website for information on doing so.  Ticket information is there too!

The beautiful part of planning this conference is that I am planning it with dear friends of mine who I enjoy fellowshipping with, sharing laughs with and who I absolutely adore. They believe that a difference can be made and we can achieve it, together. Thank you to my sisters, Jessica and Scarlet for believing in me and making my dream come true.

Invest in health,

Chioko 🙂



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